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Track Your Diet Plans

Vfitnessclub app tracks your old diet plans and creates personalized healthy diet plans based on your food interests. It lives tracks your diet and workouts to analyze the best meal options with adequate calorie and weight loss plans.

Fix Your Training Schedule

By using the VFitnessClub Member application, you can effectively schedule your strength training based on your preferences. The app guides you with various workouts schedules to aim your full-body workouts. This will mainly hit your lower and upper muscle groups.

Medical Reports

As every individual is different so as their medical issues too. Vfitnessclub manages and analyzes all your medical reports. This app only suggests the safe workout techniques without hampering your medical issues and helps you to get yourself recovered more efficiently and effectively by different yogas and asanas

Calorie Meter

The impressive feature of the app is really well optimized to determine your daily caloric need, based on your height, weight, age and workout levels. In addition to this, it also notifies you with instantaneous calories needed to maintain your physic and also reminds you with calorie burn stats.

Daily Exercise Tracking

If you think to maintain an exercise log manually to achieve the desired result, then you're wrong, my dear. You always need an automated exercise logger to keep you visually motivated to touch your goals. Vfitnessclub daily exercise tracker combines various exercise programs like straight training, aerobic, stretching and many more to effectively meet your daily workout requirements.

Water Level Tracking

Most of us usually forget to maintain the water content of our bodies because of our hectic tight lifestyle. This app keeps tracking your body hydration level and reminds you of water intake alerts in equal time intervals. It significantly regulates water quantity with your workout intensity.

Attendance Tracking

If you really want to achieve goals from the heart, all you need to be punctual with time and effort. With this Vfitnessclub app, you can check you daily in and out timings. The app analyses your workout timing with other daily exercise and with your calorie burnout numbers. Most importantly, this app notifies you before your gym timing.

Gyms Feed For Daily Motivation

Being a newbie, you might lose the interest of going to the gym daily. Moreover, it is quite natural for everyone unless and unless we realize the importance of our goals. Vfitnessclub app introduced an exciting feature to push motivational contents, quotes, tips, and stomach aching jokes to keep you motivated throughout your workout session

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