Training Programs And Exercises For Pregnant Women. Exhaustive Dos And Don'ts.
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Training Programs And Exercises For Pregnant Women. Exhaustive Dos And Don'ts.

Pregnancy is the most wonderful experience a woman can have. The miracle of carrying a living growing mini human for 9 months is amazing as well as nerve wracking. Being bestowed with such a major responsibility is not a cake walk. Your body, your moods everything is ever changing throughout your pregnancy. But mostly your body changes. You have come to the correct place for much needed pregnancy workouts and at Vfitness club we thrive to provide you with the best, authentic and reliable informationfor training and exercises for pregnant women. Alongside giving you a peek into the best gyms around to suit your needs. We are always at your beck and call.

Being pregnant is not easy on the mother. Any wrong move can prove hazardous. But you cannot sit all day just for prevention sake. When pregnant women do not concentrate on their body and wellbeing most of the times cravings kick in and eating is the only option left. Having concern for the baby is a whole level different than just ignoring your body, which is not a good thing. And taking care of your physical fitness and working out should not be neglected.

Is it Safe?

It is not harmful for the baby at all if you workout during your pregnancy. In fact a little healthy activity is suggested by most doctors too. Sitting in a place lethargic will yield no good. Worry not. We are here at vfitness to give you an exhaustive list of gyms to try with the best trainers who are equipped with the best workout all you pregnant ladies can try out. But before proceeding keep in mind to carry your water bottles with you at any cost. Dress the same comfortable way too.

Pregnancy Workouts

Workouts especially for pregnant women are crafted by fitness experts to deal with their condition. Also according to which of the three trimesters a pregnant woman is in. Generalized workout for the entire pregnancy is not advisable. Because during each trimester the mother's body and the baby's as well are developing. Make a smart decision when incorporating a workout

Apart from that there are some mainstream exercises, suggested for pregnant women. But before initiating any always confirm with your doctor.

Browse through the diverse way in which you can work-out during your pregnancy.


Yoga is your safest bet when pregnant. Yoga which is a combination of different asanas is not that taxing on the body and won't tire you very easily. However this does not mean that people who adopt Yoga as a form of workout do not sweat or lose weight or get tired. Yoga has various poses with various names as well. Each yoga posture you hold has a function and targets a specific body part. For pregnant women it is ideal to do a full body yoga session. To your surprise in pregnancy deep core strengthening yoga is advisable. Yoga for pregnant women help in toning the abdominal muscles.


When you are pregnant, your doctor will always prescribe you to take long walks. Walking is the easiest way to stay active when pregnant. You can burn those extra calories and get toned too. Moreover walking when pregnant can ease you during labor in the time to come. A diabetic condition called gestational diabetes can be prevented if you take walks for good periods of time.


Planks are considered as one of the most effective inner core workout for all. It works wonders for the pregnant women as well. A plank lasts for 1 minute each. But when pregnant do whatever your body allows. Planks work to strengthen the muscles of your stomach and are very beneficial during pregnancy. They keep your core and permits more control over the abdomen muscles.


Like walking, swimming is also a form of cardiovascular workout. Both walking and swimming attack the large muscle groups. As a consequence you remain active and get toned. Swimming keeps heart rate stable and is a very safe option if you are looking for a workout when pregnant. But keep in mind don't go all butterfly strokes! You are pregnant and any sudden jerks and tough moves are you and your baby's enemies.

Lifting Weights 

Generally lifting weights is a focused workout form. It targets the muscle you want to build up. During pregnancy a toning workout just like weight lifting is safe and recommended.

You can do as many reps as your body allows. Don't overdo it and lift weights accordingly. An overburdening bench press or a squat too deep can cause inconvenience in the form of muscle and nerve pulls. Lifting too heavy weights and pushing your for more shouldn't be your aim during pregnancy.


Your muscles, especially your back muscles are under a lot of stress during pregnancy. What helps the most are those short stretches. Whenever you feel like not working out, it is the stretching routine you can look up to. Stretching when pregnant is the next best thing after sliced bread. It opens up those tight muscles and gets some fresh oxygen and lactic acid circulating and in turn making you feel a bit more alive.

What to expect from pregnancy Workouts?

Think of pregnancy Workouts as the toned down version of workouts you would do otherwise. And by toned down we mean upto 80 percentage of less rigour, agility, brisk movements and all that jazz. When pregnant think of any exercise just a means to burn little calories and get considerably active and moving. Being lethargic when pregnant will only lead to excessive weight gain. And it is not the cute baby weight we are talking about. There are a plethora of healthy exercises is perfect.

But most importantly, do not compare your pregnancy with anyone else's.

Whatever workout you chose to do during your pregnancy you always have to think about your baby first. Pick what doesn't exhaust you too much, is not too much of lying on the back kind of an exercise and suits you the most. Watch out for any red flags during every exercise. Plus do not overdo it and happy pregnancy from the Vfitness Club.

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