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Lion Heart gym

The rush of hard work, the feeling of accomplishment and the bonding of community brings Gymmers together globally and into the gyms each and every day! Gymming has become the best fitness mantra for most health conscious people these days. Working out with us is never boring! Exercises from various training methods and sports formulated by experts are brought together to create a comprehensive training program that changes with every workout. Gymnastics (body weight movements), weightlifting and metabolic conditioning are just the basics of rediscovering or improving upon the General Skills. Our program is perfect for everyone-from those with the most fitness experience to those who may never have walked into a gym! We are determined to break down the exercises to the most fundamental levels. Complexity and intensity are added as each Gymmer becomes more familiar with the movements and exercises. We are all about functional fitness, and we understand that function, as well as intensity are relative to the individual.

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